• - ABOUT US -

    Who are we

    Whiteoak Court is a small privately owned nursing home in Chislehurst, Kent, providing 24-hour nursing care for the elderly for over 30 years. Whiteoak provides a happy, friendly and secure environment and has an enviable reputation for excellent care. The loyal dedicated staff provide a 'home from home' atmosphere and endeavour to respect residents' privacy and maintain their independence and dignity.

    What we offer

    To place a loved relative in a Home requires assurances that the future care given will be excellent. Care comes from the staff employed and Whiteoak Court is able to retain staff and this offers consistency of care for the residents. The environment is warm and caring and this permeates from the management's leadership. Whiteoak Court offers an exceptionally well-maintained environment. There is adequate communal and private space so that patients can meet with their visitors in private if they so wish. Residents and visitors to the home have often commented how caring and patient the staff are. If you are seeking an excellent Nursing Home for a dear relative, please consider Whiteoak Court.

    Code of Practice

    Whiteoak Court Nursing Home aims to provide a homely environment with first class nursing care for the elderly.


    The first choice everyone would make would be to remain at home in familiar surroundings. entering a nursing home is not a decision that would have been taken lightly or over which and elderly person would have full control. Residents enter a nursing home for a variety of reasons. We make ourselves aware of these reasons. We make ourselves aware of these reasons so that we may ease these elderly people into daily life of the home.


    We provide 24-hour nursing care. If required, residents are washed, dressed, bathed and toileted by staff who are trained to the needs of the elderly. Residents are, of course, encouraged to be as independent as possible without leaving them at risk. Residents are encouraged to discuss their preferences and staff aim, within reason, to respect the resident's choice.


    The manager or sister - on duty take full responsibility for the key nursing areas of the nursing home like drug administration, continence routine and pressure areas.


    Our Visiting Medical Officer (VMO) is called out when a resident requires medical help. A visiting Chiropodist calls once every six weeks and home dental can be arranged. We have established with present and past residents that a routine is much preferred with coffee, lunch tea and supper at set times. Meals are very important part of our resident's day and we endeavour to provide a variety of freshly cooked meals in our kitchen.


    The utmost care is taken to apply all relevant Health and Safety requirements and precautions.

  • - OUR CARE -

    Highly-trained Staff

    Over 20 nursing and care staff working alongside with a Clinical Lead and Nursing Home Manager.


    Most of the staff has been working in the home for long period of time. Some are more than 20 years and some are more than 10 years. The home seldom uses agency staff unless it is a last hour shift to cover. Most of the of our shift is cover by our own staffs.

    Excellent Environment

    Well-maintained with adequate communal and private space.

    The home is very homely and because of the layout of the home, staffs are not difficult to look for and most of the time they are visible.

    Personalized Care

    Each resident is looked after according to their own unique needs.

    Person centred care approach is the utmost aim of the home. Everyone is different and unique from each other so we approach them individually and we focus on their strength and always respect their choices. We also promote and encourage their independence

    Nutritious Food

    Home-cooked catering for all dietary requirements.


    The home has protected meal times and visitors are encourage not to visit at these times.

    8:00 - 9:30 AM

    12:00 - 13:00 PM

    16:45 - 18:00 PM


    "I found all staff I met to be respectful, kind and so pleasant each time I visited. I will certainly recommend Whiteoak to others" - JH


    "As always it is a great comfort to know that Mum is receiving the very best care and the support of all your team is warmly appreciated." - TJ


    "On every occasion that we visited, Mum looked relaxed and was so well groomed. She would have told you how much she appreciated that fact, had she been able." - FL


    "You and your team are pure professionals and show affection and tenderness to those loved ones entrusted to your care. Thank you all." - AS


    Whenever we came to visit, she was always spotless clean, and clearly very well looked after. You are all very welcoming to all our family, and particularly kind and sensitive as Mum near the end of her life. WE did specially appreciate how you look care of her partner.

    We would certainly have no hesitation in recommending Whiteoak Court to friends and acquaintances who maybe looking for care for a loved one." LW


    "The care and kindness you, your family and your loyal and hardworking staff have provided has been excellent. We could not have wished for more". VS






  • Photos & Videos

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    One of our resident celebrating her 93rd birthday

    Visit from Mayor of Bromley to give the home certificate of Gratitude and appreciation


    Gold Standard Framework Platinum Award

    The home had successfully completed the GSF Care Homes Re accreditation Assessment Round 17 and have been awarded the Quality Hallmark Award at Platinum status by the Gold Standard Framework




    5 Star Food Hygiene Award

    We have been inspected on 16th of August 2019 by the environmental health officer and we were again awarded 5 star in Food and Hygiene





    Certificate of Gratitude and Appreciation

    Visit from Mayor of Bromley to give us certificate of Gratitude and Appreciation